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Pushilin Ivan Evgenievich

answers the questions of website visitors.

He is a veterinarian of the Research and Production Company SKIFF.


In 2008 he graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skryabin.

Research interests: parasitic and infectious diseases of cats and dogs.

He works as the head of a group of veterinarians in the Research and Production Company SKIFF.

  • participates in scientific research;
  • participates in the organization of clinical and toxicological drug studies;
  • makes presentations at veterinary conferences and seminars throughout Russia and CIS countries;
  • advises the owners of cats and dogs, as well as veterinarians on the following issues: deworming, treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks
  • infection, regulation of sexual hunting, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in cats and dogs.


07.10.2021 - 20:32 Theme: Other

Hello, Doctor! The cat (17 years old) has stopped eating, drinks a lot and immediately throws it up. He also cannot get comfortable. He often spins and is looking for a place to a hide. This has been happening more and more often for the last half a year. It also lost a lot of weight and pulls his back legs a little.


Good afternoon. At this age, cats often have kidney failure, and the symptoms are very similar to what you described. We recommend contacting a veterinary clinic to receive emergency care that your pet requires and to make an accurate diagnosis.


07.10.2021 - 19:51 Theme: Other

Hello! We have a Doberman, 1.2 years old. She is friends with all the dogs in the yard, does not show aggression, and is generally friendly. All dogs (females) are about the same age and have a good time walking together. One dag (mixed with a sheepdog) constantly growls at us and tries to start a fight. My dog tries to avoid a fight in every way, but it happens that it can fight back. The opponent seems to be waiting for such behavior and a fight begins. We, the owners, try to immediately separate the dogs or not let them fight. Why do dogs that have been friends since childhood start being aggressive?


Good afternoon! The owner of an aggressive dog needs to contact a dog handler to correct the pet's behavior. Thanks!


05.10.2021 - 06:00 Theme: Other

Hello, I have a Central Asian Shepherd female dog. In January 2021 she gave birth, now she is in heat. Can I mate it again? Thanks.


Good afternoon! If the female dog is in heat, then she is ready for a new offspring. Mating can be carried out once a year. Thank you!


03.10.2021 - 07:42 Theme: Other

Is it possible after neutering to give a male cat Sex Barrier?


Good afternoon! Sex Barrier is a hormonal drug. During neutering, the testes are removed, which are responsible for the production of sex hormones, so Sex Barrier will not have effect. Thanks!


02.10.2021 - 08:52 Theme: Protection from helminths

Good afternoon! Is it possible to give Prazitel for medium and large breeds at a dosage according to weight to a puppy (5-6 months, weighs 8-9 kg)? The puppy is a mongrel, active, eats well, but worms 3-4 cm in size periodically can be detected in the feces. We gave Azinox a month ago.


Good afternoon! Prazitel Plus (tablets and suspensions for medium and large breeds) contains fenbendazole, which is contraindicated for this age. Therefore, we recommend purchasing Prazitel Special for dogs and puppies weighing from 5 to 25 kg. Thanks!


02.10.2021 - 02:58 Theme: Sexual hunting

Good afternoon! I wanted to find out how dangerous is the use of Sex Barrier for a 10-months old large breed dog. It’s her first sexual hunt.


Good afternoon! Hormonal drugs are prescribed in the first 48 hours starting from the beginning of estrus. Due to the difficulty of determining the timing when the first estrus of the female began and its weak signs, we recommend to wait through this period and not to use hormonal drugs to calm the animal. You can give Express Uspokoin according to the instructions if the animal is stressed. Thanks!


25.09.2021 - 06:53 Theme: Protection from helminths

I am in doubt. I have two female cats weighing 4.7 kg and 3.8 kg. Does this mean I need to give them one syringe and then draw up more? Is it right? Wouldn't that be a lot? Or is it necessary to count using small divisions?


Good afternoon! Yes, you understood everything correctly, 1 ml is up to a long risk with number 1 on it. One syringe is 3 ml. You need, for example, for the first cat (weighing 4.8 kg) to draw up a whole syringe of 3 ml, give it to her and then draw up 1.8 ml more (you draw up to a long risk with number 1 on it and 8 smaller divisions more). Thanks!


20.09.2021 - 07:20 Theme: Other

A kitten is a little over one months old. It has a yellow-colored diarrhea. We tried both dry and wet feed, but the diarrhea continues. What should we do?


Good afternoon! We recommend contacting a veterinary specialist for a diagnosis, because problems with the stool can be caused not only by improper nutrition, but also by viral diseases. Thanks!


18.09.2021 - 10:41 Theme: Sexual hunting

A cat, 7 years old, not neutered, was brought home from the village where we were on vacation; there he is free and comes home only to eat. When we arrived in the city, he behaved calmly in the apartment. When the weather was good, I took him out for a walk on a harness. After a walk, he began to call the female cats in the apartment, and started to shout invitingly at night. I gave him Sex barrier drops for 6 days, became much calmer. Question: is it possible to take him out for a walk on a harness while the weather is good? Will the hunt begin again? (The cat of course asks to go out). PS. There were no thoughts about neutering, because upon arrival at the city apartment he always behaved calmly.


Good afternoon! For everyone, sexual hunting begins individually and it is impossible to predict it. During the period when the warm weather lasts and the cat leads a walking lifestyle, you can use Sex Barrier on continuous basis to maintain a calming effect according to the instructions. Thanks!


10.09.2021 - 14:20 Theme: Protection from helminths

Is it possible to give a kitten 5 months old 1/8 of Prazitel Plus tablet against worms (for dogs weighing up to 20kg)


Good afternoon! Prazitel Plus contains fenbendazole, which is contraindicated for this age. Therefore, we recommend purchasing Prazitel tablets for kittens and puppies or Prazitel Special for female cats and kittens. Thanks!