Scientific Research Activity

Scientific Research Activity is one of the fundamental trends of our company, which plays an important role in strengthening and developing the status of LLC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPANY "SKIFF" as one of the leading Russian manufacturers of veterinary drugs.

The main goal of the continuous process of scientific researches is to improve existing formulations of drugs, drug forms and technologies for its production, developing and introducing new drugs for animals in manufacturing.

Scientific researches conducted by the Company are aimed at a more detailed study of the physiological, pathological processes of animal diseases, and the discovery of more safe mechanisms of action during therapy. This approach is determined by the fact that the same processes in the body can proceed differently depending on the type and sex of the animal, the husbandry and other physiological characteristics of the animal. This is the reason, why each drug of our Company has a complex composition, the active ingredients are in the most proper combination and the most effectively and quickly resolve the problem, our drugs do not have a side effects on the animal’s organism.

The special attention in the development of veterinary drugs is given to an innovative approach based on fundamental biological knowledge. This approach allowed us to develop and place on the market a number of unique drugs that, in terms of composition, effectiveness, and safety, have no analogs in the world.

For many years the "business card" of LLC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPANY "SKIFF" known in Russia and abroad was Sex Barrier, a drug for the estrus control in cats and dogs, which has been showing good results for 13 years and is safe for domestic animals.

There are some other drugs that affect the hypothalamic-pituitary system, but at the same time contain only one hormone-like substance, that performs the function of progesterone. Usually, such active ingredients are the derivatives of 17-hydroxyprogesterone. These substances are relatively safe compounds that do not cause androgenic activity and do not reduce the effectiveness of hormone therapy, but their presence in the body requires a rather high concentration, which in the future can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of inhibition of the adrenal glands, temporary diabetes mellitus, urinary and genital systems dysplasia, general metabolic disorders, bone elimination of calcium. Accordingly, there was a need to create such drug that would contain a minimal amount of hormone-like substances, but at the same time would be effective, and its composition would contain components that compensate for the effects of gestagen.

The result of our long research and experimental works was the development of the new generation drugs for estrus control, which contains two active ingredients, synthetic analogs of gestagen: a derivative of 17-hydroxyprogesterone and estrogen. Drugs affect the physiological processes that occur during the estrus, in the complex. Their influence focused on the triggers of the estrus, and the addition of ethinyl estradiol not only compensates, but also enhances the gestagen effect. Due to this, we could reduce the therapeutic concentration of hormonal components by 50 times in comparison with drugs, containing only one active component. In addition to its effect on the correction of the synthesis of sex hormones and the subsequent removal of the body from a state of sexual arousal, it was found that our drugs increase the dopaminergic status of the hypothalamic-pituitary system. All above mentioned is a promising launching pad for the new scientific studies of the drug, and searching the possibility of its use for the treatment of certain diseases of the animal reproductive system. This influenced the continuation of scientific and experimental research, that will also yields results soon.

In the field of antiparasitic drugs for prevention and treatment of domestic animals, there have been developed anthelmintic wide spectrum action drugs “Prazitel”, with reliable efficacy and safety characteristics.

An important component of the drug development technology is the consistency and pragmatic connection of potential consumers’ needs with a deep specialized scientific approach, that is why LLC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPANY "SKIFF" products have been leading in the veterinary drugs market for more than 10 years in the Russian Federation and the CIS.

LLC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPANY "SKIFF" has all the necessary infrastructure for the development and production of its own substances. Laboratory equipment is purchased from leading foreign and Russian producers. The internal quality control system and the professional level of the company's scientific staff make it possible to fully utilize the capabilities of the company's manufacturing base.

It takes several years from the moment of development of new drugs to placing them onto the market. During this time, there is conducted a large complex of studies to determine the effectiveness and safety of the drug, conditions of its storage and application. Test drug lots undergo toxicological and clinical studies. Obtaining a registration certificate for a new drug is the result of a complex and long scientific research activity.

LLC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPANY "SKIFF" is mindful of protecting its intellectual property. All developed drugs have patents and registration certificates.

Effective scientific research activity ensures the future success of the Company. In the development of our products, we invest all available technical, informational, and intellectual resources. We understand that all our work should be aimed at satisfying consumers’ requirements for quality and safe veterinary drugs. Today we are performing new researches to develop drugs that regulate physiological processes of the immune system and internal secretion. These studies are an integral part of our work, thanks to it there are being developed new drugs for sexual hunt and estrus control with a new focus of action, and it makes our company a trusted leader in the development and production in this area.