Is your pet behaving very badly during the sexual hunt?

SEX Barrier will pacify the love ardor of your four-legged friend SEX BARRIER is the only bi-hormonal contraceptive product for cats and dogs in the Russian market that takes into account the gender of animals. SEX BARRIER is the leader on the Russian market.

Description and action

  • An effective decision of the problems associated with the sexual hunt of cats and dogs. The use of the drug will provide the best result to maintain a calming effect, suppress sexual arousal, prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • The drug is safe to use. Thanks to its high efficiency and safety in application, SEX BARRIER has gained the trust of millions of cats and dogs owners.

The best way for sexual hunt control.

The use of SEX BARRIER is a more humane way of sexual hunt control than castration or spaying. The use of drug excludes surgical intervention, which allows animals to have offspring in the future. The reproductive function of the animal is fully restored 2 to 3 months after withdrawal of SEX BARRIER.

Complete safety during intended use

SEX BARRIER is a bi-hormonal drug (contains two hormones in its composition). Compared with monohormonal, the dosage of hormones in its composition is reduced tenfold. This allows you to delicately adjust the hormonal status of the animal, depending on its type and gender. This provides the necessary calming effect.

SEX BARRIER drops for cats. Instructions for use

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Reviews of the drug

Anna Malisheva

I was looking for a good drug for my dog against sexual hunting. According to reviews, I decided to try the drug SEX BARRIER and did not regret it. I administered drops in the morning and evening for a week, as indicated in the instructions. All problems were successfully solved. My dog has become calm, he does not mate with anything or anyone and has stopped spraying. The effectiveness of the drug completely satisfied me.

Yana Komkina

My cat Busia is not neutered. The problem with estrus was topical for her. The whole family suffered when Busia got “those” days. There were screams and spraying. With this problem we were referred to the veterinarian who prescribed my cat SEX BARRIER. I believe that soothing a pet with drops is more humane than subjecting her to spaying. Every 2 weeks we give Busia 4 drops of SEX BARRIER. This has been happening for 4 years. What is the result? The cat is always calm. I've forgotten the last time she bothered us with screams. Busia has stopped spraying, and I feel that she is safe: she stopped running away in the entrance hall and towards the male cats. I believe that such effect of the drug is exactly what we need.