Prazitel Special

For those who treat pets in a special way

Is your Pet older than 6 years? It needs a gentle protection against helminths. Prazitel Special suspension is the first veterinary anthelmintic broad-spectrum drug intended especially for the cats and dogs older than 6 years.

Description and action

  • An effective decision for preventative and treatment purposes of helminthiases. Prazitel Special has a wide spectrum of action against the main types of helminths: roundworms and tapeworms.
  • Gentle effect. Prazitel Special is a gentle protection against helminths. Regular use of the drug will allow your Pet to live an active, healthy and long life.

Unique composition

Inclusion of the innovative active ingredient - R-praziquantel in the composition of anthelmintic drug allowed to significantly reduce it’s dosage. As a result, safety has been improved significantly (4 class), along with maintaining a high efficacy.

Rapid result

Optimal formulation – suspension – allows the rapid treatment effect, and accurate dosing of the drug.

Convenience of use

The drug is released in the kit with a syringe dispenser. The use of the syringe reduces the risk of injury to the animal and owner during the drug administration. Also, the use of the syringe ensures maximum dosing accuracy taking into account the animal weight category.

Improved eatability

Praziquantel contains in equal proportions active levorotory R-praziquantel and inactive dextrorotatory S-praziquantel optical isomers. The anthelmintic effect of praziquantel is due only to R-praziquantel. Whereas the S-isomer is not functionally active and gives a bitter taste to praziquantel.

Only the active isomer of R-praziquantel is included in the composition of the Prazitel Special suspension.

The eatability has been improved due to the decrease of a bitter taste.


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Reviews of the drug

Naumova Kristina Sergeevna, veterinarian

For the first time I learned about the drug Prazitel Special suspension relatively recently, in August 2018. It was interesting to try in practice a new anthelmintic drug for aged animals. I have used this drug several times in worm infestations of cats older than 6. I would like to note the accuracy of dosing due to the form of suspension, as well as the convenience of giving it to cats due to the neutral taste (the drug does not contain the S-isomer of praziquantel, which has a pronounced bitter taste and causes acute salivation in animals). With the therapeutic double use of the Prazitel Special in cats, there were no side effects. Moreover, the owners and I noted the good tolerability of the anthelmintic and complete recovery from the helminthic invasion. In addition, I would like to note that the drug is cost-effective to use – an open bottle can be stored for a year in the refrigerator, which is especially convenient for owners. I recommend the inclusion of the drug Prazitel Special suspension in the practice of veterinarians.

Anikanova Yu.V., the dog owner

We saw that our poodle Mosya became weak, he lost his appetite. The veterinarian advised to give an anthelmintic drug Prazitel Special to Mosya. The suspension is intended for dogs over 6 years old, gently affects the liver and digestive tract. To be honest, I didn't notice the worms coming out, but an appetite and mood returned to Mosya.