Gestrenol Tablets

Is your cat asking for mating partner day and night?

Gestrenol is an effective and contraceptive drug that is used for cats for estrus control. The drug has been developed specifically for cats. Gestrenol takes into consideration the physiology of animal organisms.

Drug description and action

  • It is an effective decision of all the problems associated with the estrus. Gestrenol suppresses sexual arousal, regulates the sexual arousal, and prevents unwanted pregnancy of female cats.
  • Safe to use. Gestrenol is a bi-hormonal drug that contains two analogs of natural sex hormones. Compared with monohormonal drugs, the concentration of an actual substance in Gestrenol tablets is reduced by 50 times. All of the above allows achieving maximum efficacy with minimal effect on the animal organism.

Gestrenol is better than cat castration

The use of Gestrenol is the better way for estrus control than castration. The usage of the drug excludes surgical interference, which allows the animal to have offspring in the future. reproductive function Complete restoration of reproductive function in Pet's occurs in 2-3 months after the drug is discontinued

Gestrenol contains catnip

Gestrenol is the only contraceptive drug, which contains catnip. This ingredient was included to attract cats. The catnip facilitates the process of taking the drug.

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Reviews of the drug


I have a kennel. There are male and female cats. I only give the drug to male cats. They spray less, however they can mate with females in heat. The female cats do not get pregnant. As it is written on the drug label, after discontinuation of the drug, all sexual functions of the male cats are restored in a month. The oldest male cat in my kennel is 2.5 years old. The youngest is 10 months old.


On the advice of a veterinarian, I have been using Gestrenol tablets for my cat since 2009. The drug helps really well – the cat almost immediately stops asking the female cat, frantically screaming, spraying and trying to run outside.