Did you find helminths in your pet? Take advantage of the amazingly easy-to-use protection.

Prazitel is intended for use in the case if the main types of roundworms and tapeworms are found in cats and dogs. Available in the most convenient form of application for animals - suspension. Prazitel is also presented in traditional tablets form.

Description and action

  • Effective against the main types of helminths. The drug has a wide spectrum of action against the main types of helminths: roundworms and tapeworms. Effectively destroys internal parasites at all stages of their development: eggs, larvae, adult specimen.
  • Guaranteed successful result. The therapeutic effect when using Prazitel for pets with a single-use is achieved in 95-100% of cases.

Safety is the First

Prazitel is safe for cats and dogs. The composition of the drug is optimized by the animal type and weight. This means that side effects will not occur with the intended use of the drug.

Preventive measures are the best defense

Do you want to forget about the danger of infection of a pet with internal parasites? If so, do not forget about regular preventive measures:

  • For pets that walk outside – every 3 months
  • For pets that stay-at-home – every 6 months

Convenience: it is much easier to use the drug in the form of suspension

A noninvasive syringe dispenser is included in each package of Prazitel suspension. The syringe is absolutely smooth, with a blunt end. Using it to give the drug to a cat or a dog is as easy as shelling pear: without injuries and stress for the pet. Also, using a syringe, you can accurately measure the required amount of suspension, which means that the necessary effect of the application will be achieved.

Benefit: enough for several applications

A vial of Prazitel suspension will be enough for several treatments of a four-legged friend. When it is opened, the drug can be stored in the refrigerator for a year. This allows you to use its volume completely without overpayment for packaging.

Trust of millions: cat and dog owners choose Prazitel

Prazitel is trusted by experienced breeders and million owners of cats and dogs to protect against parasites. The drug has established itself as a reliable and affordable anthelmintic agent.

Prazitel suspension for cats and dogs. Instructions for use

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Reviews of the drug

Sud’ina Dar’ya Alekseevna, veterinarian

It is often necessary to use the drug Prazitel in the form of a suspension for female cats and kittens, because owners who have recently picked up a female cat or a kitten from the street or from a shelter often come for a visit. Suspension, when administered according to the instructions for use, is well tolerated by animals, and it is convenient for owners to give it at home. Sometimes you have to give the drug directly during the visit, but due to the conveniently atraumatic syringe, it is not difficult. Several times I prescribed Prazitel to kittens starting from 3 weeks of age. In general, Prazitel has proven itself among my colleagues and cat owners as a quality drug used against worm infestation, and often it is the drug of choice in my practice among anthelmintic drugs. I plan to continue prescribing Prazitel suspension for female cats and kittens to my furry patients.

Savina Ekaterina Evgen’evna, veterinarian

I regularly use the drug Prazitel in the form of tablets and suspension in my practice. Prazitel has really proven itself very well. It is a highly effective drug that treats and prevents infection with all types of helminths. It’s completely safe, easily tolerated by patients when used according to recommendations and the correct dosage. Another advantage of this drug is the convenience of its administration. Tablets can be divided by weight, and the suspension can be administered even to the most quirky animals thanks to an atraumatic syringe. The drug Prazitel is not expensive, it is available to the most owners. I advise my colleagues to prescribe the drug Prazitel, as it has proven itself in the clinical practice.