About Us

LLC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPANY "SKIFF" is a modern company with high intellectual level, which developing, manufacturing and marketing:

  • effective veterinary drugs with a high degree of safety (market leadership) for pets;
  • highly effective veterinary drugs for special (narrow) problems of pets.

The number of the company manufactured veterinary drugs is represented by hormonal contraceptives line: Sex Barrier, Gestrenol, as well as Prazitel - the line of anthelmintic drugs of a wide spectrum of action.

The company’ staff includes a number of PhD researchers of biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical sciences, as well as veterinarians. Created by the company drugs are based on the Russian Academy of Sciences’ technology and comply with the modern international requirements, they have registration and certification in the Russian Federation, too.

Our main goal

Placing on the market competitive veterinary drugs that fully satisfy the requirements of consumers, regulatory documentation, and ensuring sustainable profit of the company.

Our main value

The staff of the company, which effectively, fully perform their duties to achieve company’ goals, and constantly increasing their professional level. Each company’ employee shall be confident in the stability of his welfare today, and improving it in the future.

LLC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPANY "SKIFF" identified the following ways to achieve the high quality of manufactured products:

  • Ensuring the competitiveness of the manufactured and developed range of products. This goal realizes through regular monitoring of market opportunities and its implementations; a development of the scientific and production potential of the company that meets the standard requirements of Russian Federation; an involvement of contract manufacturers.
  • Providing the manufacturing process with raw materials, semi-finished products, components of the required quality at competitive purchase prices. Improvement the quality and efficiency of technologies.
  • Ensuring quality control of products at all stages of the manufacturing process.
  • Development and implementation of a quality management system based on a process approach; standardization of processes, implementation of modern management technologies, IT-technologies.
  • Ensuring the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of the company staff work.
  • Ensuring a constant increase in customer and company client’s satisfaction by products.