How to use Prazitel Special? Watch the video tutorial


Friends, last summer we updated one of our most popular drugs – Prazitel Special. In addition to the packaging design, the recommendations for use of suspension have also changed. Now Prazitel Special is suitable for treatment of animals of all ages without exception. The drug is especially recommended for kittens and puppies, weakened animals, pregnant and lactating females, as well as aged pets.

Why? The reasons are simple:

  • Prazitel Special gently affects the animal's body: the composition includes R-praziquantel, therefore, the dosage of the active substance is reduced by half.
  • The drug contains inulin and silybin, which protect the stomach and liver. The suspension has the lowest, IVth hazard class.
  • Prazitel Special destroys round and tape worms at all stages of development: adult specimens, eggs and larvae.
  • Scientific studies have demonstrated that with double treatment, all animals participating in the experiment completely got rid of internal parasites.
  • It is convenient to give this drug to the pet: the suspension is administered to the animal using a non-traumatic syringe dispenser.

Plus, one bottle of the drug Prazitel Special is enough for several treatments.

Today we will tell you how to use the drug correctly. Watch the video tutorial.

How to use Prazitel Special suspension