How does Prazitel act on worms? Do worms come out alive or dead?

Prazitel disrupts the conduction of nerve impulses and leads to paralysis of the neuromuscular apparatus of the parasite, causing its death.

With a low intensity of invasion helminths, as a rule, do not leave the intestine, because they are digested, and the presence of invasion may go unnoticed.

With a strong intensity of invasion, helminths can come out with feces or vomit.

Contrary to the opinion of many animal owners, the presence of helminths in the secretions does not mean that the animal has self-healed from them; it means that the animal's body contains a huge number of worms and it is necessary to start treatment immediately.

In case when helminths are excreted from the body after deworming, the use of Prazitel should be repeated in 10 days at the same dose as during the first deworming.

It often happens that the animal is affected by tapeworms - Dipylidia (double-pored tapeworm). Moreover, no matter how many deworming procedures are carried out by the owner, helminths continue to be excreted from the animal's body.

In this case it may seem that Prazitel does not work, but this is not the case. What happens is that these are peculiarities of the development cycle of Dipylidium caninum. In case of multiple excretion of these helminths, it is recommended to take the following measures:

  1. Administer Prazitel Plus, including for female cats, according to the scheme: once on Day 1, 5, 11, 21, 34, 56, 1 month after the last intake, then quarterly. Carefully calculate the dose of the drug (1.0 ml (1 tablet) per 10 kg of animal weight).
  2. It is mandatory to conduct therapeutic and preventive measures against fleas, both on the animal and in the place of its keeping, in residential premises. Fleas are carriers of dipylidiosis. For this situation BlohNet max preparations are best suited (neck drops and spray). The spray is used to treat the animal's place of keeping (booth, litter, etc.), as well as upholstered furniture, carpets, floor in the living room.
  3. Contact a medical institution for a consult on deworming all family members with special drug against worms.
  4. Periodically carry out preventive measures against external and internal parasites of the animal with the help of BlohNet max and Prazitel. Remember that fleas are the carriers of helminths.
  5. Observe personal hygiene measures when handling animals. Wash your hands before eating. Make sure that the children do it too. When observing preventive precautions, you will not only have a guarantee that you keep your pet and yourself safe, but you will also save a significant amount of money that can be spend on the animal’s veterinary care.
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