Prazitel Special suspension for dogs and puppies weighing from 5 to 25 kg

Prazitel Special suspension for dogs and puppies weighing from 5 to 25 kg

Prazitel Special suspension for dogs and puppies weighing from 5 to 25 kg

Prazitel Osobny is the first broad-spectrum anthelmintic drug that gently affects the body of dogs weighing from 5 to 25 kg. Mandatory for puppies, pregnant, lactating or elderly animals.

Description and action

  • An effective decision for preventative and treatment purposes of helminthiases. Prazitel Special has a wide spectrum of action against the main types of helminths: roundworms and tapeworms.
  • Gentle effect. Prazitel Special is a gently protection against helminths. Regular use of the drug will allow your Pet to live an active, healthy and long life.

Unique composition

Inclusion of the innovative active ingredient - R-praziquantel in the composition of anthelmintic drug allowed to significantly reduce it’s dosage. As a result, safety has been improved significantly (4 class), along with maintaining a high efficacy.

Rapid result

Optimal formulation – suspension – allows the rapid treatment effect, and accurate dosing of the drug.

Convenience of use

The drug released in the kit with a syringe dispenser. The use of the syringe reduces the risk of injury to the animal and owner during the drug administration. Also, the use of the syringe ensures maximum dosing accuracy taking into account the animal weight category.

Improved eatability

Praziquantel contains in equal proportions active levorotory R-praziquantel and inactive dextrorotatory S-praziquantel optical isomers. The anthelmintic effect of praziquantel is due only to R-praziquantel. Whereas the S-isomer is not functionally active and gives a bitter taste to praziquantel.

Only the active isomer of R-praziquantel is included in the composition of the Prazitel Special suspension.

The eatability has been improved due to the decrease of a bitter taste.


Mechanism of action

The effectiveness of the active ingredients of the drug is based on the blockade of the transmission of nerve impulses in the neuromuscular synapses by depolarization of the membranes of muscle cells, which causes paralysis of the muscular system of helminths, contributes to their excretion from the gastro-intestinal tract.


1 ml contains: 1.5 mg of R-praziquantel, 15.0 mg of pyrantel pamoate, and 1.7 mg of milk thistle extract (in terms of 100% silybin). As excipients the drug contains: beta-cyclodextrin, inulin, citric acid, sweetener Aspasvit-185, Aerosil 380, tween-80, a mixture of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolinone and 2-methyl-4-isothiazolinone, soy oil and purified water.

Recommendations on storage and expiration date

Store the drug with caution in the manufacturer's packaging, in a place protected from direct sunrays, separately from Foods and Feeds, at a temperature of 0° C to 30° C, after opening the bottle - at a temperature of 0° C to 5° C. Prazitel Special suspension should be stored out of the reach of children. The unused drug is disposed of in accordance with legal requirements. Shelf life 2 years from the date of production, after the first opening of the bottle - 1 year.


Increased individual sensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug, including pronounced renal and hepatic impairment.

Dosage form

Oral suspension.


Prazitel Special suspension for female cats is released in 20 ml dark glass vials containing 10 ml of the drug. The vial is filled to no more than 2/3 to facilitate shaking the suspension.

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1 мл на 5 кг массы тела животного.

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