Prazitel tablets for kittens and puppies

Prazitel tablets for kittens and puppies

Prazitel tablets for kittens and puppies

Prazitel is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of infections with the main types of helminths: roundworms and tapeworms in kittens and puppies. Available in traditional tablet form.

Description and action

  • Effective against the main types of helminths. The drug has a wide spectrum of action against the main types of helminths: roundworms and tapeworms.
  • Guaranteed successful result. The therapeutic effect when using Prazitel for kittens and puppies with a single-use is achieved in 95-100% of cases.

Safety is the First

Prazitel is safe for kittens and puppies. The composition of the drug is optimized by the animal type and weight. This means that side effects will not occur with the intended use of the drug.

Preventive measures are the best defense

Do you want to forget about the danger of infection of a kitten or a puppy with internal parasites? Do not forget about preventive measures for kittens and puppies: once every 3 months.

Trust of millions: owners and breeders of cats and dogs choose Prazitel

Experienced breeders and millions of cat and dog owners trust Prazitel to protect against internal parasites. The drug has established itself as a reliable and affordable anthelmintic agent.


Mechanism of action

The mechanism of action of the active ingredients included in the drug is based on the inhibition of fumarate reductase, persistent depolarization of the helminth muscle cells, impaired energy metabolism, which causes paralysis and death of the parasite, contributes to its release from the gastro-intestinal tract


1 tablet contains:

  • Pyrantel pamoate - 50 mg
  • Praziquantel - 5 mg

Recommendations on storage and expiration date

Store the drug with caution in the manufacturer's packaging, in a place protected from direct sunrays, inaccessible to children and animals, separately from Foods and Feeds at a temperature of 0° C to 25° C. Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture.


The drug is not used for exhausted and sick animals with infectious diseases, kittens up to 3 weeks of age and puppies up to 2 weeks of age, at the same time as anthelmintic agents containing piperazine, as well as for individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Dosage form



Pack of 2 tablets.

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1 tablet per 1 kg of animal body weight.

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